Value-Added Processing

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"Sprout provides disposition, redeployment and related processing services. The team has been very helpful and pleasant to work with. I strongly recommend Sprout."

Head of Service Partnerships

F50 Software Conglomerate



With an expansive physical footprint and best-in-class technology, Sprout does processing differently. It's not simply equipment receiving, scanning, & diagnostics to us. We triage equipment with your best interests in mind. And through our value-added processing, we maximize your overall return in a way that distinguishes us amongst our peers. This is why our processing enables you to:


Earmark equipment for donation to local communities, with Sprout taking on responsibilities of diagnostics, re-imaging, and warranty


Coordinate devices for screen, clean, refurbishment, reformatting, and return


Designate equipment types for asset-level registration and others for bulk recycling


Determine every detail of your custom solution, even if that's to destroy everything to smithereens

Equipment Triage

As each equipment pallet is unloaded at a Sprout-designated facility, we apply a unique barcode (if one had not already been appended at point of pickup), capture detailed receiving photos, and provide a bulk weight breakdown. There is no lag between these activities occurring within the facility and in the portal, so you can see the entire triage process, even from thousands of miles away. 

If the equipment is comingled, Sprout operators will streamline the equipment into similar product categories. Once all the equipment has been triaged into conforming product categories, the pallets are moved into secure storage aisles, queued up to move through Sprout's processing lines.

System-Automated Processing