Value-Added Processing

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"Sprout provides disposition, redeployment and related processing services. The team has been very helpful and pleasant to work with. I strongly recommend Sprout."

Head of Service Partnerships

F50 Software Conglomerate



With an expansive physical footprint and best-in-class technology, Sprout does processing differently. It's not simply equipment receiving, scanning, & diagnostics to us. We triage equipment with your best interests in mind. And through our value-added processing, we maximize your overall return in a way that distinguishes us amongst our peers. This is why our processing enables you to:


Earmark equipment for donation to local communities, with Sprout taking on responsibilities of diagnostics, re-imaging, and warranty


Coordinate devices for screen, clean, refurbishment, reformatting, and return


Designate equipment types for asset-level registration and others for bulk recycling


Determine every detail of your custom solution, even if that's to destroy everything to smithereens

Equipment Triage