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Enabling Flexibility while Ensuring Control

Sprout’s Proprietary Software Platform Delivers Industry-First SOW Automation Module

CHARLOTTE, NC, October 29, 2020: Effective today, the requirements in Sprout’s every active Statement of Work (SOW) are programmed into SmartERP, our software platform enabling the delivery of services to global enterprises. The completion of this automation represents a milestone accomplishment in extending the impact of one of Sprout’s core competencies.

“Customers can be even more confident that their customized program is being executed to exceed their security, sustainability, and value extraction needs.” says Matt Cranford at Sprout. As Sprout’s first leadership hire following an acquisition by growth equity firm New Capital Partners, Matt shapes company-wide business operations & strategy. “The team at Sprout is dedicated to continuous innovation of technology forward solutions that provide clarity and peace of mind.”

COVID-19 drove the sudden implementation of work-from-home measures for many of Sprout’s global customers. Within days, enterprises were overwhelmed, and Sprout jumped in to help. We performed on-site services typically performed by our customers’ internal teams. We turned around urgent disposition requests from Wilson, North Carolina to Sydney, Australia. Most importantly, we listened. Together with our customers, we identified the need to introduce more operating flexibility within uncompromising security controls.

Over the last six months, during a time when most providers took a wait-and-see approach, Sprout doubled down on technology innovation through further development on SmartERP. We indexed our value-added capabilities, programmed their requirements into our processing workflows, and built automations to mandate and track corresponding activities. We standardized our SOW template, capturing requirement types in a format easily programmable during onboarding. Finally, we designed an entirely new user interface for this module, so that our account managers can collaborate, change, and execute new program requirements at lightning fast speed within each account’s unique security framework.

About Sprout: Sprout leverages data and analytics to make IT asset disposition flawless for the world’s leading enterprises. Our mission is to revitalize yesterday’s technology, together with our employees, customers, and partners.

About SmartERP: SmartERP is the software platform on which all of Sprout’s modules are built—transportation management, warehousing, and processing workflows, among many other mini-systems. Through SmartERP, enterprises are afforded access to a real-time customer portal, one that reports down to the finest details at the asset, activity, and job level.

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