A secure and convenient pickup experience for your users should be your number one priority. 9/10 times, the cause of missing equipment can be traced back to mishandled transportation. Sprout's logistics solution is comprised of 3 parts.

Process Design

How confident are you that the equipment on the disposal list is all there, counted and prepared for pickup? If your users cannot produce a detailed list, how confident are you in the multiple non-employees handling your devices to provide an accurate Certificate of Disposition as an output of each disposal request?

Risk tolerances vary, as do budgets. However, Sprout cautions on cutting corners when it comes to logistics. For more information on how best-in-class chain of custody frameworks are designed for retired equipment, download the Sample on this page. 

Together with you, we engineer process controls that satisfy your IT compliance requirements and furnish the resources to administer them. From on-site scanning & reconciliation of equipment to GPS tracking of team driver transported trucks, we'll build the right solution to meet your needs.

Customer Experience

We're obsessed with your customers. In fact, we're constantly introducing new ways to deliver a more positive experience, so that they won't think of equipment refreshes as a chore. 

That's why we've integrated our disposal request forms directly into your portal. We have experience supporting enterprises from 1 to 1,500 users, each with the ability to communicate site-specific details and pickup considerations. Our system learns each site's preferences over time, so that each experience is smoother than the last.

As a master user, with visibility and approval rights far more comprehensive than your users, you'll finally be able to manage metrics instead of administrative noise. Get in touch with us for a pickup request demo.

Secure Storage & Packaging

Sprout evangelizes the need to be flexible because needs vary, even within a single enterprise. This is especially true when it comes to logistics. To better service wide-ranging space and time constraints, we also furnish the following conveniences to sites who may need them:


Outdoor containers (closed top van trailers or open top dumpsters), swapped on schedule or on demand


Indoor bins (locked, wheelable), swapped on schedule or on demand


Gaylords, pallets, pallet corners, and other disposable packaging supplies--DIY or prepared at time of pickup by our technicians


Parcel-sized collection boxes with prepaid FedEx/UPS shipping labels