Revitalizing yesterday’s technology, together

Sprout leverages data and analytics to make IT asset disposition flawless for the world’s leading enterprises.

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Demand the Best Security

Leave no room for doubt with airtight information protection and destruction measures.

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Provide Customer Convenience

Empower users with web-based tools that adopt to individualized service preferences.

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Deliver Results Consistently

Increase reporting quality, reduce job processing times, and deliver quantifiable returns.

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Prioritize our Planet

Safeguard natural resources by re-introducing raw material back into the supply chain. 

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Why choose Sprout?

Sprout’s proprietary software platform is the gateway to thousands of global security personnel, trained technicians, and refurbished hardware distributors - at your fingertips.

Our commitment to your success

In the quest for smooth IT infrastructure refreshes, superior technology is only half the solution. The other half is uncompromising customer service. Our world-class account teams partner with you at every turn to deliver solutions that make life (and the world) better.


24/7 web portal with real-time updates


Tiered information access designations


Wide-ranging API and EDI compatibilities