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Delivering Confidence with the R2 Certification

The R2 certification is the 'gold standard' stamp of approval for the electronic recycling industry. The certification, which stands for Responsible Recycling, requires that a rigorous set of standards are consistently met by the warehouse staff that handle potentially hazardous materials, and by the compliance team that's responsible for documenting the processes that are required to maintain compliance.

Large firms that are sensitive to the importance of this certification often choose to work exclusively with R2 certified vendors like Sprout, because compliance often assures key stakeholders as they look for recycling partners that can ensure the physical security and safe handling of data-bearing IT assets. Companies that achieve their R2 certification are required to conduct extensive annual audits, in order to review every aspect of their warehouse operations; from ensuring test records are produced accurately, to confirming that their written processes are actively followed, and finally to overseeing where the recycled material is ultimately distributed.

This level of ordinance in maintaining accurate records and successfully completing annual audits has allowed Sprout to foster a close partnership with a global hardware producer. We recently met with our partner from this hardware production company, who works in the Procurement department, to learn more about her experience partnering with Sprout.

"The first thing we ask potential vendors is which certifications they hold. It's a big deal and is the first requirement to get them through the door. By Sprout having their R2 Certification in good standing, it saves me a lot of time and energy, as far as being able to qualify them as an ITAD provider. Sprout's onsite visibility is a huge factor for us. From how you get in, where the material is staged, how easy it is to find detailed information on where our assets went - that sets Sprout apart from everyone else we've dealt with."

At Sprout, we're proud of maintaining R2 Certifications across our warehouses, because they strengthen the relationships we have with our partners, in addition to ensuring that we are able to safely manage our daily operations. If you're interested in learning more about our processes and services, please send us a note at



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