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Bill and Sprout: Leveraging Each Other’s Technologies to Create Employee Experiences that Delight

Sprout has been a happy Bill customer since 2020, when we adopted Divvy across our organization to streamline expense management. As a fast-scaling company with several fully remote departments, Sprout’s finance team saves countless hours each month with Divvy in reconciling spend categories, tracking budgets, and reimbursing expenses. Most importantly, our employees love Divvy’s credit card + mobile offering, which eliminates the need for traditional expense reports altogether.

“Divvy was one of the first finance solutions we implemented at Sprout when upgrading our toolset to allow us to scale,” says Zach Whitley, VP of Finance at Sprout. “We appreciate that the expense management software allows us to place controls on our spending on the front-end, rather than relying solely on detection controls at the end of the procurement process.”

Bill provides cloud-based software for a broad spectrum of financial operations, creating outcomes that reduce wasted time and wasted paper. In contrast, Sprout is a certified provider of hardware asset lifecycle solutions. We leverage our proprietary software platform to deliver sophisticated asset recovery results after an enterprise’s devices have seen one lifecycle of use. While Bill and Sprout operate in wildly different spaces, the alignment between our companies is obvious: we want to create employee experiences that are awesome by automating the highly repetitive and headache-inducing parts of a business that are way less awesome.

This year, Sprout and Bill are expanding our relationship to form a win-win partnership. Sprout is excited to have been chosen to drive continued efficiency through Bill’s IT asset management supply chain, automating the collection of IT hardware being refreshed or returned by Bill’s employees. After securely purging company data and refurbishing the equipment, Sprout will make eligible devices available on a dedicated website for Bill’s employees to purchase at a discount. Non-eligible devices will be otherwise monetized and/or responsibly recycled by Sprout.

“We love the fact that Bill’s products enable Sprout in their mission to help companies with their ever-growing e-waste needs,” says Steve Januario, VP & Deputy CIO at Bill. “Bill is always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. This partnership with Sprout helps Bill in this mission and allows us to properly dispose of our e-waste.”

Bill and Sprout look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership that benefits our employees, our environment, and our bottom lines. Just as Bill has eliminated the headache of manual expense management for Sprout, Sprout is leveling up Bill’s IT support function by streamlining the entire reverse supply chain of IT asset management. As a bonus to reducing Bill’s IT operating costs and environmental impact, Sprout is excited to deliver lovingly refurbished equipment to Bill employees at a fraction of the cost.

For more details about Sprout’s ESG-aligned IT asset recovery solution for Bill, please contact:



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