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ComputerCare and Sprout Partner to Deliver End-to-End Hardware Lifecycle Solutions

ComputerCare, a leading provider of IT repair and logistics services, has teamed up with asset retirement provider Sprout to support hardware at all points in the lifecycle. The partnership is a result of both organizations' strategies to be a one-stop-shop for enterprises seeking to reduce the headaches of deploying, maintaining, and retiring a sprawling fleet of distributed devices.

Under the partnership, ComputerCare will be able to offer Sprout's services to clients looking to responsibly dispose of their end-of-lifecycle devices. All of Sprout's data destruction practices are compliant with the NIST-800-88 guidelines for media sanitization, providing further assurance that sensitive data is eliminated and that hardware is always recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.

“We're excited to offer integrated lifecycle management services alongside Sprout,” says Georgia Rittenberg, CEO of ComputerCare. “Now is a time when companies are looking at opportunities to increase the longevity of their devices to both curb expenses and minimize the overall environmental impact of ownership. This partnership will help them achieve both those goals.”

In turn, Sprout will make available ComputerCare's break/fix services for clients seeking to extend the lives of their existing devices. As a warranty services provider authorized by OEMs such as Apple, Lenovo, HP, Dell, and other leading brands, ComputerCare offers in-warranty repair, non-warranty repair, logistics and asset management, and on-site device support.

“Sprout’s mission is to shape a sustainable future,” says Shelly Li, CEO of Sprout. “Optimizing hardware reuse prior to retirement aligns with that mission. Offering our clients the opportunity to extend the use of their own asset portfolio through an incredible partner like ComputerCare… it’s, quite simply, the right thing to do.”

ComputerCare and Sprout provide services in most major countries. The companies share a joint philosophy in crafting thoughtful solutions, delivering quality work, and transparently providing real-time insights in a manner that helps clients achieve their broader goals. Effective immediately, any ComputerCare or Sprout client can use Sprout’s device buyback credits on current and future services provided by ComputerCare. For more information, please reach out to your ComputerCare or Sprout account representative.



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