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Improving Technology to Foster Relationships

When Sprout was first founded by Shelly Li and Arun Karottu in 2014, they had the option to select from dozens of available ERP systems. However, in true startup fashion, they opted to keep cash on the balance sheet and simply use paper and spreadsheets to monitor every load that came through the warehouse.

Unfortunately, that process wouldn’t scale and the existing ERP options had limited on-the-fly feature customizations, so the team decided to build their own; twelve months later the SmartERP platform was released. The proprietary software included comprehensive reporting options, tracking every asset that came in the door, and provided customers with a web portal where they could monitor the status of their materials throughout every step of the journey.

The SmartERP platform has only improved since then, and it’s because of that software that we’re able to identify and implement operational efficiencies that uniquely position Sprout for success in an ever-evolving industry. We recently spoke with a Returns Supervisor from Acer, to learn more about their experience working with Sprout and our SmartERP platform:

“Transparency is what we were looking for, and we frequently receive detailed reports that break down what has happened with each component. It’s helped to establish a trust in Sprout that they’re doing the job right.”

At Sprout, we’re always collaborating on ways that we can improve our customers experience. In fact, we recently announced the ability to capture automated NPS scores with our SmartERP, and we’ll continue to share exciting updates as new features are completed!



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