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Sprout Partners with Lyft to Empower Communities Through Technology Hardware Giving

Sprout’s mission is to shape a sustainable future through technology reuse in all forms. We count ourselves fortunate to support major global enterprises in delivering asset retirement solutions that are carbon-negative. In turn, our sustainability-centric approach drives millions of dollars of value back into IT operating budgets each year.

These realized efficiencies in IT hardware recovery allow Sprout and our customers to hire the best people and scale our respective businesses. We recognize that the most responsible way to grow is to invest in highly capable and diverse talent. That’s why this summer, Sprout partnered with Lyft to demonstrate our joint commitment to affecting positive social change—in a major way.

“Donations, no matter how big or small and what form they come in, can contribute to breaking down barriers for our students and allow them to be set up for success throughout their time in program.” Kaysi Valencia, Program Director of Alternative Services at Year Up

In the process of securely collecting and facilitating the disposal of Lyft employees’ end-of-lifecycle equipment, Sprout refurbished and successfully donated 123 laptops to two organizations based in the San Francisco Bay Area: Year Up ( and StreetCode Academy (

By the end of 2022, Sprout and Lyft have set a goal to donate 500 laptops in total to non-profits with similar missions. In this case, both organizations not only raise up their respective communities by up-skilling local talent, moreover, Lyft has benefitted from and will continue to invest in these organizations’ amazing internship programs.

"Since our Level Up program launched in 2020, we have strived to empower Bay Area families of color with over 2400 technology devices. Each device has played a pivotal role in providing over a thousand of local households with the tools and tech education needed to unlock the world of innovation." – Aaron Barron, Partnerships Director at StreetCode Academy

The potential is endless for global enterprises to contribute to changing people’s lives, and technology hardware giving is a highly efficient way to drive meaningful social impact. Together, we can all create environmentally friendly, socially conscious, and secure supply chains for ourselves and future generations.

Non-profit organizations who would like to receive laptop donations from Sprout, please contact:

Enterprises who would like to partner with Sprout on optimizing IT hardware recovery for social good, please contact:



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