On-Site Destruction

"No drives can ever leave our possession without absolute proof of destruction. Sprout's on-site scan/recon capabilities are efficient. Their mobile shred trucks are quiet and unobtrusive."

IT Asset Manager

F500 Fintech Giant


Sprout's on-site destruction services meet and exceed the standards of:


DoD 5220.22-M





We've pioneered more than a few ways to destroy (data on) equipment such that neither the device nor its contents can never be recovered again. Best of all, we've automated the documentation controls and indexed the reports you need to provide the right assurances to your internal auditors and regulatory bodies.

On-Site Erasure

Data storage devices are slimmer, more powerful, and turning over faster than ever. For the conscious hardware management leader, who can't bear to see retired equipment be destroyed when it could be reused, on-site erasure should be part of your IT asset disposition solution. 


Get in touch, and let's pour over the devices you've got earmarked for on-site destruction. On-site erasure capabilities might enable you to have your cake (absolutely no data-in-transit) and eat it too (decreasing environmental impact, making a social difference, and returning dollars to your budget.)

On-Site Destruction

Our mobile, high-speed shredding trucks physically destroy data storage devices at scale. Frequently shredded devices include:



CD/DVDs & Floppy Disks

Tape Drives

USB Thumb/Flash Drives

SD Cards


A common misconception is that the shredding category of Sprout's on-site destruction solution is just for data-bearing devices. That is absolutely not true. Other hardware we are often called on-site to shred include:

Prototype/Design Units

Product Defects

Anything Sensitive That You Don't Want Transported

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