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IT Asset Disposition

Zero Landfill Recycling


"It was really tough to get [sustainability] numbers from vendors. With Spout, I'm really excited to get that reporting. There's graphs, charts, a full breakdown... it's amazing."

ITAD Operations Manager

F300 Multinational Retailer


There's really no excuse, in the 21st century, to not join the movement in reducing environmental impact. Enterprises, as the largest users of electronic devices, have an opportunity to communicate their priorities clearly with a zero landfill recycling policy. 

Once Sprout has made the determination that a device cannot be reused in any fashion, or if special requirements forbid its reuse, we begin the process of recycling.
First, we break the equipment into smaller forms. Technicians de-manufacture the devices, shred the parts into tiny fractions, and then feed the output through various magnets, eddy currents, and even manual picking lines to create the cleanest possible finished goods.

Our goal is to return these commodities to the raw materials supply chain as efficiently as possible. Steel to the steel mill, copper to the copper smelter, precious materials like gold and silver to their respective refineries, and plastics to be re-processed into new equipment.

Get in touch with us to get a walk-through of our industry-disrupting sustainability scorecard. Built with your data and our activities, we can isolate and put into perspective how your zero landfill recycling initiative is saving our planet.

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