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IT Asset Disposition

Omni-Channel Monetization



Like the stock market, secondary device markets fluctuate. Like companies, you can sometimes create more value breaking equipment into parts than bundling them together. The only difference is the trend line--stock values, overall, increase. 

It's crucial to optimize between velocity and value. No one understand this concept, as clearly and intimately, as Sprout. By the end of 2020, we will have delivered $100M+ of equipment to the secondary device market. Let us manage the timing, the outlets, and the hundreds of other monetization nuances for you.

Device Monetization


Market Categories



The Intersection of Product Protection & Sustainability

Even when your number one priority is to safeguard sub-optimal products from mis-appropriation in the secondary market, or protect next generation product lines, monetization of non-threatening parts can be good for your brand.

By reclaiming re-usable, non-IP components versus destroying, you can save a tremendous amount of raw material from being mined out of the earth. Download the case study on this page to learn more how one major OEM partnered with Sprout to destroy end-of-lifecycle hardware by creating secondary applications for the equipment's parts.

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