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Lifecycle Optimization

Turnkey Logistics



Today, more than ever before, an excellent logistics experience makes a huge difference to your customers. Whether we are dispatching technicians to an office to remove equipment or shipping a single switch back from a PoP for reprocessing, Sprout has both the experience and resources to perform well globally.

Below are examples of turnkey logistics needs within existing SLO customer programs, day-to-day requests that Sprout executes for unique user environments and organizational requirements:


Parcel Recovery: systemized coordination amongst 1,200+ individual users in 28+ countries in order to retrieve, track, and validate return of retired laptops


Laptop Severance: on-demand shipping of 500+ refurbished laptops individually as part of an enterprise's involuntary employee termination workflow


Data Center Decommissioning: project management, on-site engineer staffing, and secure disposition of 162 racks from  mainland China performed in < 5 days (included export and relocation of 10 racks to another customer site in Singapore)

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