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Lifecycle Optimization

Omni-Channel Monetization



Having resold $200M+ equipment to the secondary device market, no one understands how to achieve maximum value rapidly as well as Sprout. In fact, we have been known to consistently deliver monetization returns of up to 45% more than other industry providers. Let us manage the timing, the outlets, and the hundreds of other monetization nuances for you. 

Sprout has established one of the highest quality direct-to-consumer brands in the industry, having achieved Power Seller status on eBay and being one of very few providers accepted into Amazon’s Renewed platform for refurbished IT hardware. These preferred channels help us achieve 70%+ higher returns on most equipment, including: switches, routers, desktop computers, monitors, laptops, tablets, mobile devices, memory, CPU, media devices, and all variations of consumer hardware and accessories.

To supplement our highly effective eCommerce monetization capability, Sprout maintains a vast network of value-added resellers (VARs) and managed service providers (MSPs) who use Sprout as their preferred fulfillment partner of secondary market equipment. Having developed long-standing relationships with the largest VARs and MSPs from the client to the cloud, we are able to resell high volumes of equipment for top dollar.

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