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Lifecycle Optimization

Equipment Reconciliation



Your operational staff take careful inventory of newly purchased equipment. They validate, barcode, and create records for each asset prior to deployment to a user or installation in a rack location unit (RLU). Throughout that asset's lifecycle, related service tickets are filed and updates are made so that chain-of-custody is maintained.

During asset retirement, Sprout is able to perform equipment reconciliation at each transfer point to guarantee security and data integrity. During decommissioning, we inventory each asset by row, by rack, and by RLU. Before loading for off-site transfer, each pallet/rack contains a detailed inventory. At a Sprout facility, trained receiving specialists perform an asset-level inventory on each pallet/rack and reconcile the information against what was captured at your site. Only after we confirm an exact match do we allow your equipment to enter the processing area for work to be done.

How do we keep this robust process gated and well organized, you may ask? Unlike many industry providers, we don't just use an Excel spreadsheet or single database. Sprout can quickly deploy a bi-directional API from our proprietary system with nearly all web-based asset management, service desk management, and process workflow management software in order to give you the ability to verify our chain-of-custody practices in your own systems. Through this connection, we can, among other things to give you total peace of mind:


Update asset locations, states, and sub-states to provide asset-level statuses and lifecycle data 


Highlight reconciliation mismatches (e.g. serialized asset not found, extra serialized assets)


Queue requests to remote management unlock and/or unenroll expected and successfully received equipment

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